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Venio is flexible and quick, which allows us to provide a broader range of processing and early case assessment options, in addition to completing projects faster than our competitors. With Venio, we have the ability to customize the back-end to meet even the most difficult project and reporting requirements, and provide visual status reports to clients in real time.
Louis Martin,
Senior Manager, iDiscovery Solutions
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You're in the Driver's Seat with VenioOne OnDemand
  • Venio on Demand
  • Just you and your ESI
  • E-Discovery in 4 Steps
  • 1. Upload
  • 2. Analyze
  • 3. Review
  • 4. Produce

VenioOne Webinars
VenioOne Introduction
Panelist Includes Arestotle Thapa - CEO/CTO, Chris Jukiewicz - Founder/VP Client Service and Babs Deacon - VP Training & Education at Venio Systems.
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Advantage of VenioOne
  • Speed your E-Discovery! VenioOne powers through processing, early case assessment, analysis, culling, review and production.
  • Reviewers and attorneys master our web-based workflow in minutes.
  • Workflow templates and wizards speed project setup and standardization.
  • VenioOne's screaming speed crushes data volumes on cloud or client/server platforms.