Venio FPR (VFPR)™ Integrated eDiscovery Platform

VFPR™ is a single-source solution for all phases of the eDiscovery process: early case assessment, data processing, analytics, review, and production. Our powerful single application eliminates the need for load files and shuffling data between multiple piecemeal applications. Web-based with a simple user interface, VFPR™ requires minimal training, is highly scalable, and is powerful enough for any size discovery project.


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The Venio FPR (VFPR)™ Integrated eDiscovery Platform Delivers Better Results


Client Testimonials

We tested Venio extensively and put it under intense pressure, and it meets our demands. We evaluated a number of other tools but none matches up to Venio.
Hal Duncan, President & CEO

Venio’s platform is extremely scalable and it leverages distributed computing power to deliver outstanding speed and efficiency
Ed McCracken, Senior Vice President

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